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The lyrics from Chicago rap group Do or Die‘s 1996 smash debut single “Po Pimp,” featuring Twista, made its way onto a fourth-grader’s homework assignment. The parents of the boy were angered by the vulgar verses and voiced their frustration to a school superintendent and board.

The incident occurred in an unnamed school in Newton County, Ga., which is southeast of Atlanta. A local ABC news affiliate covered the story, speaking with the parents regarding the “Po Pimp” lyrics and the emotional toll it took.

More from WSB-TV:

Local parents told Channel 2 Action News they were upset when their fourth-grader came home with a work sheet that included the words “Po Pimp.”

Rapper Twista’s song, made nearly 20 years ago, is causing a stir in a local school system. Scott Tolleson went to the Newton County School Board this week after his fourth-grade son posed an unusual question.

“What is po pimp? Try to explain to a fourth-grader what po pimp is,” said Tolleson.

He says his son came home with a language arts assignment about sentence structure; in it is a passage about the rapper Twista and how he broke out thanks to the song.

Mr. Tolleson said he looked up the lyrics to the song,and said that they upset his wife so much that she was left in tears.

Newton County Schools Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey acknowledge the mistake, stating that school documents are routinely screened, but this one must have been missed.

No word on any disciplinarian action to be taken against the teacher who assigned the “Po Pimp” worksheet.

Photo: WSB-TV