HHW: Ever since 2Pac mentioned you on the song “Against All Odds” the public put a snitch jacket on you.

Haitian Jack: Yeah but that wasn’t Pac’s idea. I’ll reveal all that later on. Pac was told to say that.

“I never took anything from Puffy. Puffy is a good friend of mine. Puffy is honestly probably one of the few dudes in the music industry outside of my man Akon that I got love for.”—Haitian Jack

HHW: I know you want to be able to tell your own story with your upcoming project through the Gangster Chronicles, but can you at least say if it was an individual or organization who told Pac to say that about you on “Against All Odds”?

Haitian Jack: It was an individual, not an agency, because like I said he was in that circle of bullsh-t and trouble. When you’re a big superstar like Pac you don’t need to tell people you f-cked Biggie’s wife. That’s low; whether you did it or not. That let you know he wasn’t a man or he wasn’t his own man.

HHW: When was the last time you spoke to 2Pac?

Haitian Jack: I spoke to Pac a week before he got shot [at Quad Studios]. After he got shot we didn’t talk anymore because he felt like it was my friends that did [it], I knew about it and I had something to do with it.

HHW: Who do you think was feeding him that information or how do you think he came to that conclusion?

Haitian Jack: I don’t know who was feeding him information but we’ll get to all that soon [with my project]. Like I said I have everything that I need on everybody. I’ve waited long enough and I’m basically tired of people running their mouth. I’ve been really out of America for ten years. I got locked up in ’04 and I got deported in ’07. Now it’s 2015 you understand what I’m saying to you? You would think by now ni**as would stop throwing my name on the Internet and magazine interviews. They can’t because their story is irrelevant because they sold their selves short. They talked so much now nobody really cares. [Whereas] I kept my mouth shut.

HHW: And you are going to wait until the right time so it can coincide with your project correct?

Haitian Jack: Yes and I have everything I need on everyone and I’m going to call out everyone by their names, the roles they played, what I think about them and what I would love to do them but I haven’t gotten the chance to get that close and personal.

HHW: What did you get booked for in 2004?

Haitian Jack: I shot this dude out in LA at a club in Melrose.

HHW: So that is true?

Haitian Jack: Yeah that’s true. That’s what I do man. That’s what I came up in. Being Haitian in the early 70’s in America was a terrible place to be. That’s what made me be the way I am because I got tired of being bullied. Being chased home at 3 o’clock everyday got tired and I said to myself I’m going to start fighting back. One thing lead to another and to another and then I found out [what] they respect and fear and that’s pain and death.

HHW: A lot has transpired since 2007 when you got deported. What are your thoughts on James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond’s situation?

Haitian Jack: He is who I thought he was.

HHW: And what did you think he was?

Haitian Jack: A b*tch. Me and him got some issues and I’m going to give it to him in time.

HHW: Additionally there have been many theories on what happened in Pac’s and The Notorious B.I.G.’s murder. Greg Kading, former LAPD detective, wrote a book called Murder Rap where he states that both Puffy and Suge Knight had a hand each of these tragedies. What are your thoughts?

Haitian Jack: I’ll be honest with you playboy I don’t know anything about the murders. I heard it like everybody else heard about it. It was an LA thing. I read the papers but like I said, I find my lane and stay in it. My plan was totally different from these dudes. Most of these guys are wannabe gangsters and hustlers. I was neither one. I got tagged by Pac and Pac introduced the government to my life. I didn’t need Pac to put me in the record and make me famous. I liked my life just how it was that’s why I haven’t said anything [in] years because I like to just to relax and do me. You can’t beat the federal government. They are that 800-pound gorilla in the room; you can’t tell them to stop f*cking you, they stop when they feel like it.

HHW: There is another story that always follows you that says you extorted Puffy for a watch and thousands of dollars.

Haitian Jack: I never took anything from Puffy. Puffy is a good friend of mine. Puffy is honestly probably one of the few dudes in the music industry outside of my man Akon that I got love for. One thing with Puff if I ever asked him to do anything for me he would do it and it never had anything to do with money or jewelry. He used to bring Carl Thomas to perform at my parties. One thing about me I was never on that route.

HHW: You have a strong reputation for extortion though.

Haitian Jack: Everyone thought I was extorting everybody; it was nothing like that man. Like I said it was a lot of hype and I don’t get caught up in that sh-t. I don’t have time for extortion. You have to have a lot of patience. It’s a lot of work and it’s not even a lot of money.

HHW: What do you think are Suge’s chances given he already has a long criminal record and now he is facing life for manslaughter?

Haitian Jack: I don’t know man. The guy has nine lives. I don’t know how the whole situation happened, I hear from a couple of people in LA. I heard the guy was his friend so I don’t know if it was a deliberate thing or not. He does have a defense though. He didn’t turn himself in because he didn’t have one. He probably will do some time but I don’t think he will do life.

HHW: So can share more about the project you are working on that will detail your story?

Haitian Jack: Not really. Just at some point this year I will clear everything up. Everyone is going to get what they got coming to them in a raw sense.

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