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If you thought Kevin Gates couldn’t top his incestuous Instagram confession where he revealed he had no intentions to stop sleeping with his cousin, brace yourself.

The “Strokin” rapper has added bestiality to his list of freaky thangs he’s not ashamed of partaking in.

During his latest Instagram clip, Gates unrolled another TMI scenario where he allegedly kicked a woman (presumably not his cousin) out his bed because she refused to give his dog some sloppy toppy.

“I hope you didn’t think I got in the bed with you just to lay down with you,” Gates began on his latest sinister confession. “B*tch you can call Uber for all I care.”

“Hoe talkin’ bout, ‘I ain’t bout to suck no dog d*ck; that’s a dog!”

As if there was any justification for his demands, Gates bigged up his furry companion in the best of lights ending with, “Hoe you can call him what you want–but he loyal. I don’t get tired,” he added with a lazy chuckle.

Gates is actually a certified beast of the mic but if he carries on down this path, he’ll likely be remembered for his antics opposed to the former.

Additionally, the dog doesn’t look to bummed he didn’t get any human action all the same. Press play on the video below and prepare to shake your head. There’s another NSFW video on the next page as well.

Photo: Instagram/ Kevin Gates

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