1. Joe Budden

Of all of the rappers on this list, this accusation is the most suspect, which is why it made #1. This rumor came out around the same time that the Slaughterhouse rapper regained popularity thanks to his appearance on Love & Hip-Hop: NY, and, according to, occured in 2007 with an intern in Budden’s studio. Now, while the “Pump It Up” rapper certainly has his fair share of problems with mistreatment of women (Esther Baxter & Tahiry can tell you), it doesn’t seem to jive that it took this long for the accusations to come to light. What would be the purpose of waiting? To get more traction? Money? Fame?

Sexual abuse, rape, and assault are ALL real problems, both in the Hip-Hop community and society as a whole. It’s a grossly under-reported crime, and it’s very difficult for a rapist to score a conviction. However, false accusations do NOTHING positive to raise sexual assault awareness…in fact, it does the EXACT opposite.

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