Always the forward-thinker (no matter how scatter-brained), Tyler The Creator has announced his plans to start his own Internet TV company.

During the Code/Media conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday, the Odd Future top dog revealed his ingenious idea alongside Lloyd Braun, CEO of Santa Monica-based company Whalerock Industries.

“It’s basically ‘my brain’ in one place,” Tyler explained. “My generation is the Internet. That’s all we know. [This thing] controls our life. So, what [you guys] sit and try and figure out…got these graphs and try to study stuff, you guys are studying us so you can keep a job. It’s the truth! Let’s just cut the middle man out–which would be the cable company–and get straight to the point.”

Tyler, The Creator is no stranger to digitized media, seeing he’s become a fixture on Adult Swim. And who can forget his banned Mountain Dew commericials that eventually prompted him to be labeled as advertising risk taker?

“The way that I got famous was me going on Tumblr and creating my own website…next thing I know Sony is like, ‘Hey! We’ll give you X & O to do this’ and I’ve used them to my advantage,” he continued.

Check out the Tyler’s Internet TV company announcement in the first clip and his Q&A segment on the next page. He has a scenario for every question that’s flung his way.


Photo: Code Media

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