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Two seniors may not graduate after a racist prank in Auburn, Washington.

According to, the two white students hung bananas over a meeting spot where Black students congregated and called the area the jungle “The Jungle.”

The prank also caused an uproar amongst students and one Black student was arrested after an altercation with a security guard trying to calm down the situation.

Apologizing for the prank by he and his friend Kyle, Andrew Carel stated,

“We bought the bananas, got about 3 feet of fishing line, and the tied them up on the balcony. They all hang out under the stairsand we just call it “The Jungle” because… that’s what even the Black people call it too. If I did offend anybody, then I apologize.”

After all the uproar, the two teens still can graduate but just may not be able to walk.

“I just got caught up in the moment and wanted to do something funny, and in the end it didn’t really work out too well,” added Carel. “Walking to my graduation is like once in a lifetime thing, and it just hurts not to be able to walk.”

Sometimes you just have to suffer the consequences.