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It’s been a hot minute since 2 Chainz ran up GQ’s tab but he’s the back with another season of Most Expensive Shit to show us all that money burns like anything else that’s thrown into fire.

Speaking of burning, the ATL mayor hits a marijuana dispensary with celebrity medical marijuana consultant Dr. Dina for a once in a lifetime experience by puffing on a 24kt joint. As in, the rolling papers was made out of pure gold.

Of course, there’s no way in hell you can inhale any cess weed with papers that lavish and Dr. Dina brought to the party what she calls, “the world’s most expensive cannabis.” According to her expertise, the Isla and the Top Shelf are cut from the plant and can cured for a premium outcome and euphoric experience. At $100 a can or $800 an ounce, it better be able to give you mutant powers.

Take a look at 2 Chainz match his jewelry for the 24kt joint in the video below. Another clip is on the next page for your viewing pleasure.

Photo: GQ

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