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The Manhattan DA’s office has decided to release surveillance footage in the case of Walter Harvin, an Iraq war veteran that was beaten by police.

Officer David London is on trial for the beating the man with a baton even after he was handcuffed.

On Monday London’s partner Mohammed Khan testified that the war veteran was “unnecessarily aggressive” before, during and after his arrest.

The case stems from Harvin’s arrest in 2008 after entering into his mother’s housing project without a key.

The 28-year-old is seen on surveillance footage getting into a verbal disagreement with Officer London before shoving him into a group of people.

London then calls for back-up, his partner Khan, before taking out his baton and striking the man in the head.

Khan reports that the war veteran yelled “I’ll kill you mother*cker,” and “I’ll Fawk you up” as London hit him an estimated 20 times.

He also says that when Harvin told London that he was a war veteran saying, “I came from Iraq!”, the officer responded “I was in the air force too!” as he continued to strike him.

Harvin was left bloodied and bruised after being hit with the baton and reportedly kicked in the chest.

Defense lawyers for officer London say the force was necessary because of the taunting and threats the man issued even after he was arrested.

Family for Harvin say that he’s been traumatized by the incident and as a result has “disappeared.”

London is on trial for assault and falsifying a police report.

Check out the footage from the case courtesy of the NY Post below.