Twitter is a daily breeding crowd for comedy and buffoonery alike, but sometimes, people can band together and actually lift one another up.

Today, March 6, 2015, was one of those times where African-Americans and other participators made the hashtag #BlackOutDay go viral.

Reports ABC News:

#BlackOutDay is a social media campaign today celebrating black beauty and fighting against negative images and stereotypes perpetuated in the media, YouTube personality Frenchesca Ramsey told ABC News today.

“We’re asking black people to share pictures, videos and GIFs of themselves to celebrate our people coming from all different walks of life,” Ramsey said. “It’s a celebration of black beauty and our individuality.

“Unfortunately, in most popular media talking about black people and our bodies, it’s mostly of us breaking the law, being killed or mistreated,” Ramsey added. “So it’s nice to combat these negative images and stereotypes with positive representations of ourselves.”

Other “Tumblr-famous” bloggers like V. Matthew King-Yarde, who runs “WhatWhitesWillNeverKnow,” helped spread awareness to make sure the campaign would go viral. Yarde also created a logo for the campaign, he said, while fellow friend Marissa Sebastian came up with the hashtag #BlackOutDay.

“I’m really sick and tired of seeing the ‘European standard of beauty’ prevail,” he said. “It’s past time for the beauty of black people to be showcased.”


With some many good posts out there, it wasn’t about narrowing them to the best but scroll through the gallery below to get the jist of #BlackOutDay. It’s a beautiful thing.

Photos: Twitter, WhatWhitesWillNeverKnow

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