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When fans first got a taste of Joe Scudda, it was 2005 and he was spitting a healthy feature on Little Brother’s sophomore album Chitlin Circuit 1.5.

Many hadn’t heard of the Georgia born, North Carolina bred MC and felt his skills were pretty dope, but it wasn’t until the video for the lead single “I’m Lovin’ It” was released later that same year that fans got a chance to get a glimpse the ill emcee.

Fast forward 5 years and two mix tapes later, Joe is gearing up to release his debut album to truly give fans a taste of who Joe Scudda truly is. Hip-Hop Wired got a chance to sit down with the Justus League affiliate to discuss his rhyme style, how he reacts to fans and why he’s not your average Joe.

Joe Scudda (Produced by 9th Wonder) – “Never Knew”

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Hip-Hop Wired:  You recently released a free mix tape, Not Your Average Joe, for fans that haven’t copped it- what can they expect when they pick up the album?

Joe Scudda: All me, not what people consider rap music. It’s my interpretation of stuff that’s real to me and what I go through.  The type of music I like and not just what is considered dope right now.

Hip-Hop Wired:  It’s interesting because a lot of your mixtapes you’ve been releasing for free, do you find that’s the best way for promotion or do you ever plan on releasing an actual album?

Joe Scudda: Yeah, I got an album coming out around September that’ll be in stores and you will have to pay for that. Honestly the mixtape is the best promotion for me right now because fans hadn’t heard anything from me since 2005. Before I released it, I thought I can either sell it for $5 so just this core group of people that know me or remember me would Fawk with it or I could just give it away for free and hopefully try to get those people that forgot about it or don’t know who I am to download it.

Joe Scudda – “Door To My Life”

Nowadays with all the free music floating around, why the hell would you pay for something from a person you don’t even know when you favorite rapper, like Weezy or some Shyte is giving out Shyte left and right for free? Basically what it comes down to is we ain’t making no money off records anyway, unless you’re selling mad records like 50 or Eminem, you’re not making no money off it. So me putting this project out for free is cool because that builds the buzz and everybody is like “Yo this Shyte is dope!”

Hip-Hop Wired:  Have you decided on a title for the new album coming out in September?

Joe Scudda: Well, for about a year and a half, two years now the title has been Fashionably Late, which is very fitting for my situation, but now I’m going to have to kind of look back at that because my man Donnis is dropping a mix tape called Fashionably Late.  So now I’m like awww mother-Fawker, really?  I’m sure he didn’t know I was going to call it that, because we speak often, that’s my little homie.  I still might just say Fawk it and call it that, but that’s supposed to be the title, Fashionably Late, and it will be out around the end of August or September.

Hip-Hop Wired:  I know that you said you don’t have a lot of features on your mix tape, are you planning on having a lot on the major release or are you still wanting to reintroduce the masses to Joe Scudda?

Joe Scudda: It will probably be light on the features.  I’m sure it will have the HOJ team on it, Big Pooh, Chaundon and Jozeemo; other than that probably Evidence and Alchemist and probably that’s about it.

Little Brother feat. Joe Scudda – “Lovin’ It”

Hip-Hop Wired:  As we previously discussed, fans were introduced to you with “Lovin’ It” with Little Brother and a lot of people were surprised that you were white, do you get that lot?

Joe Scudda: Yeah. [Laughs] There’s still people that are surprised to this day and that was 5 years ago. I meet people that are shocked like, “Damn I didn’t know you were white.”  I’m like “Shyte, ok cool.”  I don’t know what I’m supposed to say.  They’re like “Damn I didn’t know you were white man” and I’m like “Ok… what does that mean?” [Laughs]

Hip-Hop Wired:  Honestly from a Hip-Hop perspective, it’s no diss. It’s just hard to find a lot of people with skills like that as far as from everybody else’s standpoint, hell it’s hard to find a Black MC with skills like that.

Joe Scudda: I think when people think of white rappers they first think Eminem and it’s kind of like a lot of white rappers have that same, mad syllables and real choppy [flow].  Me being from the South and growing up on soul music, everything down here is slower.  There weren’t a lot of white rappers from the South and I don’t do what people consider “Southern” type of Hip-Hop.

My style is more laid back and I sit in the pockets of the beats, I don’t rhyme on top of the drums, I kind of just lean back on it. So it kind of Fawks motherFawkers up like, “This motherfucker sounds like he’s soulful, oh Shyte mother*cker’s white, damn.”

Joe Scudda Interview With Lifestyle Connoisseur

Hip-Hop Wired:  Do you find it hard to be a white MC in the game? Although you’re not the first, it’s rare to see an MC with real skills and no gimmick.

Joe Scudda: Honestly, I never really had that problem and that was with anything. You know what it is- people will only focus on what you let them focus on. If you try so hard to prove that you are more than just a white rapper, and you keep saying that, then that’s what people focus on. I never gave people the chance to really start picking at it, I mean I know I’m white; I don’t really bring attention to it like that- I’m white.  I say I’m white, ok next.

Hip-Hop Wired:  What is one thing that fans need to know about you?

Joe Scudda: I just like to have a good time. I’m not anti-social like some rappers; you can’t even talk to some of these dudes. You know what it is; a lot of these mother*ckers are just weirdos. It ain’t even the fact that they’re big time rappers; they’re just weird off the jump, like they was weird before they was rappers. They’re not even trying to be a**holes, a lot of these fools are uncomfortable.

Joe Scudda Freestyle

Hip-Hop Wired:  Do you have any upcoming tours coming that fans can check out?

Joe Scudda: Hopefully I’ll be out on the East Coast with Little Brother and beyond that I am just finishing up this project which will come out in September.  I have another project that me and Statik Selektah are working on, we’re about 13 deep on an album. So, I’m just working.  I’ll be out with Little Brother on some dates God willing if my P.O. let me go.  Let me tell you, I got put on probation for driving without a license, what kind of Beyotch*ss Shyte is that? If I get caught driving right now it’s 30 days in the joint.

Hip-Hop Wired:  Think of it this way, you’re on probation- that adds to your street cred!

Joe Scudda: Yeah I was thinking, I might as well just do 30 days and be like I got caught with some cocaine or some Shyte. [laughs] I’m going to be famous, I better or you’re going to see me on the news.  One way or another a motherFawker’s going to be famous damn it. [laughs]

Hip-Hop Wired:  By any means necessary?

Joe Scudda: Yeah, just depends on what I’m famous for.

For more information on Joe Scudda, check him out here:

Twitter: @joescudda

Facebook: Joe Scudda


Joe Scudda – “Each Day”

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