Caine Lawson – Menace II Society

Manolo was most candid when discussing Tyrin Turner’s iconic “Caine” character from Menace II Society.

“Caine’s death resonated with me. I had a homie [pauses]… If you really watch menace, you don’t pay attention to the fact that they’re only kids. Caine just graduated from high school. He was only 18 when he died. O-Dog was only 16. He was so young that they had to let him out of prison, because he was a still a kid. That movie always resonated with me because it was a thing where my homie was only 15 — we were 15 — we got into it and he got killed while doing some things we shouldn’t have been doing.”

His friend’s name was Michael Edmonds, and as Manolo describes it, they were involved in a group fight that resulted in his stabbing death.

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