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Nobody can hide in the world of social media, especially not racist and cowardice college students at the University of Oklahoma. The alleged frat boy who led the racist chant that dismantled the entire universities SAE chapter in record time, has been exposed.

According to social media, his name is Parker Rice. There isn’t any real proof substantiating this just yet, but Rice’s name has been making the rounds for so many hours now that if it wasn’t him, he probably would’ve said something by now (unless he’s at work, or busy moving stuff out of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat house).

Social media is still aflame at the very thought of people acting like this—especially with the timing of its release. On Saturday (March 7), the nation was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Selma march.

This video serves as a reminder of the institutionalized racism deeply rooted in the minds of young people who are assumed to be more progressive than the racist past from which they were clearly raised.

Hit the gallery to read some of the Twitter reactions.

Photos: twitter screenshot

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