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Method Man is feeling rather po’ed after his public dispute with RZA but he’s not totally blaming The Abbott for his frustration.

While sitting with the Huffington Post Live earlier today, the Wu-Tang vet dropped an atomic bomb on XXL magazine and writer Miranda Johnson for allowing them to “misinform” him about the latest Wu-Tang album, Once Upon a Time In Shaolin’s 88-year release date schedule. He then went on to gripe how

“This is the reason I don’t like doing interviews for anything Hip-Hop as far as magazines go because they are the bloodsuckers of the culture if you ask me. They’re the reason why a lot of this crap that’s coming out now flies because they’re co-signing. What the people don’t understand is that they get paid to co-sign it.”

He then took a step further and slandered the old regime over at VIBE for being a key catalyst in the beef that got Tupac and Biggie killed.

“[They] create beef, I mean that East-West crap? Vibe should have got a bullet. They should have got a bullet instead of ‘Pac or Big. When they put that cover up with Big and Puff on there — when Big took that picture, he didn’t take that picture thinking East vs. West, he took the picture thinking, ‘I’m gonna be on the cover of Vibe.’ What came after, is what solidified East-West beef. For all the dumb mo’ fuckers out there that don’t know how to think of themselves… That fueled the fire.”

As if not to leave anyone off his sh*t list, he also dissed RZA protegé and manager Cilvaringz for being a “B-level Wu-Tang dude.”

He also bragged about his Instagram post where he called out Johnson but has since took it down.

Persona non Grata…. @xxl and

Miranda Johnson #messy the online news editor.. U won’t last in this bizness doin devilish things my sister.. I think the ppl should let @xxl know how they really feel.. Hit em up and Miranda Johnson #neveragain #foolmeonce #whatdoesitmean #pariah #rejectedbytheppl be weary of these ppl if ur in the biz…”

If Method Man is truly done with talking to us rap scribes, you can watch one his last interviews of the nature right here.

Watch the Meth Man’s infuriated interview down below.