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Lil Kim talks beef with Drake, Nicki Minaj and Diddy…

“If I was mad New York, we would have had the first earthquake you’ve ever seen!”

Lil Kim is continuing to take shots at two of Young Money’s biggest stars along with her longtime friend and Bad Boy affiliate.

The Queen Bee stopped by Ed Lover’s Power 105 Morning Show to take more shots at Drake, Nicki Mianj and Diddy who have all been at the center of her most recent disses.

As previously reported Kimmy called Drake out for coming to Nicki’s defense when the Queen Bee and Ray J dissed her, deeming him a “straight pu**y” and added that subliminal disses by Minaj are the cause for her beef with the rapper.

The battle now continues as she talks about Drake again and tells Lover that Drizzy should’ve addressed Ray-J for dissing Nicki and calls him “pink” for choosing to direct a diss her way instead.

“For Drake to fire back at me, you looking real on the pinker side of life Drake because you were suppose to fire that back at who said it which was a guy!”

Moving on to Young Money’s Harajuku Barbie, Kim says that she’s “flattered” by Nicki’s obvious “copying” but says her subliminal shots are unnecessary especially in an industry where women need to stick together.

“First of all, to be copied is the biggest form of flattery. It’s not about her copying me. It’s not about that. It’s about her copying me and her creating that reign and then busting shots at me. I have a problem with that because as females we are already a minority in this industry so we need to kind of stick together and come out as a team against the fellas…”

When asked about Diddy however the Queen is much less understanding and much more direct saying that she was “disappointed” in him for taking up for Minaj.

According to Kim, he “usually says something intelligent” but jumped to Nicki’s defense even after she dropped the line “Did I kill the queen?” on Dirty Money’s “Hello, Good Morning” remix.

Obviously upset by the obvious diss Kimmie also adds that if she were “real New York” she and Nicki would’ve had the “first earthquake “ they’d ever seen.

Uhhhh is that a threat?

Quite frankly, I gotta say I was very disappointed in him because usually he says something very intelligent and usually I can take something from him as my big brother. But I must say that in this specific statement that he made I was very disappointed…because number one he said I was mad. He set up there and said “she never tried to copy you, she never said anything bad against you”. Look at the new video! she talking about “did i kill the queen”. You wanna be subliminal? This is hip hop!  If I was mad New York, we would have had the first earthquake you’ve ever seen!”

In between talking about her issues with the members of the rap community, Kimmy also spoke on her possible signing to Roc Nation.

As previously reported she confirmed her new affiliation with the Roc on a video of her announcing, “It’s the Roc baby” and throwing up the dynasty sign.

When asked by the morning show host about her affiliation with Jay-Z’s record label she played coy to the question and said,

“I love Jay. For me to work with him, for that to happen I think  it would be incredible.  It would be very historic.”

Looks like they’re still working out the specifics of that deal.

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