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Beanie Sigel has dissed Drake…

“Y’all keep letting that n*gga get on y’all records and pop Shyte, I’ma start coming at y’all little n*ggas.  Smack the Shyte outta Drake Beyotch a**.”

When the rapper thought it was safe to come out and play the Broad Street Bully steps out and unleashes his fury on Drake.

Apparently the verse on “Light Up” from Jay-Z didn’t sit too well with Beanie Sigel and he is now taking aim at anyone who allows Jay to talk trash on their records.

So, from this point forward, it seems that Sigel has issued a warning and will see anyone on sight if there are any discrepancies.  Of course, there are MORE shots at Jay-Z in store.

Man Sigel, leave Drake alone because we all know that situation is already one-sided and he don’t get down like that at all.