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Ray J  just quit Love & Hip Hop Hollywood because it’s ruining his relationship. He allegedly walked in hopes of making things better with Princess Love.

Reports TMZ:

According to our sources, Ray J feels the negativity and conflict which defines the show has screwed up his relationship with Princess Love. They’ve been having problems ever since her arrest in February and we’re told Ray J thinks they can’t solve their problems while he’s part of the show.

Our sources say Ray J offered to shoot scenes that were uplifting and free of strife, but producers weren’t interested, so on Monday he bailed.

We’re told producers will throw a Hail Mary Wednesday, meeting with Ray J and his manager, David Weintraub, in an attempt to change Ray J’s mind, but as things stand now … he’s done.

This probably isn’t real. Reality TV is Ray J’s security blanket, no way he’s giving that up. Plus, he allegedly just moved to Arizona, and is executive producing a new reality show. Maybe that’s the reason he wants away from LHHH?

If he does walk, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea. The relationship situation has been rocky. Love threatened to kill herself after they broke up last December, and she was arrested for beating him up.

Come to think of it, maybe they should back out of the spotlight and handle some of those internal issues.

Photo: VH1 screenshot