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As Michael Vick continues to be hounded for his actions that landed him behind prison, he can find an unlikely friend in Terrell Owens who has defended the former Falcons quarterback since being released from prison.

The former Cowboy, Eagle and even 49er is usually known for going against his teammates which is evident from the three teams just listed that he was not able to leave from on good terms.

Owens has stated that Vick deserves to have a second chance and wants him to be reinstated. He added that it would only serve as throwing dirt in a wound by making him remain on suspension. After a camp practice Sunday with the Bills, Owens cited NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s treatment of Vick as being unfair to the player. Owens has even taken it a step further by trying to reach out to other high-profile NFL players to show support for Vick and speak on the particular situation.

Almost 12 hours after being released from jail, there were rumors that Vick would be making his return to the gridiron playing for the Buffalo Bills who Owens recently had been traded to after being released from the Dallas Cowboys.

Teams such as the New York Giants and the Jets have stated that they have no interest in having Vick play for their team.

George Wilson, the Bills safety and the team’s NFL Players Association representative has agreed with his teammate who feels as though he has already paid his dues and is only being held down by being on suspension still. Wilson stated that he will be in discussion with other members of the Buffalo Bills to determine whether to bring their possible teammate to the union.

As of now, the career of Vick in the NFL is still under question even after meeting with Goodell recently. Vick has had another sentence added with a four-game suspension. He had been on suspension from the league since August 2007 when he admitted that was making profits from a dog-fighting operation. The crime forced him to serve a 23-month federal sentence, and he was freed from home confinement on July 20. There is still the whole three years’ probation that he will also have to deal with.

Hopefully Vick can come back from this heavy scrutiny. He served his time and is an actual asset to the NFL and shouldn’t have to suffer anymore than the two years from jail.