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In news that will surprise very few, Karinne Stefans aka Superhead is a liar. The notorious rap vixen who made her name off her brain (see what we did there?) has admitted to lying under oath when she told a judge that her ex-husband, Family Matters actor Darius McCrary, beat his son. 

Reports TMZ:

Karrine “Superhead” Steffans filed legal docs — obtained by TMZ — admitting she perjured herself when she joined forces with Darius’ baby mama in a child support war over their young son. Karrine claimed she saw her ex beat the boy with a spoon.

But Karrine had a change of heart, and filed new legal docs saying she lied because she was “hurt and upset” over their divorce. Tell that to a judge in a perjury case.

So now because Superhead—who is dropping a new book, Vindicated, on June 2—is wild petty and has a poor moral compass, women who actually witnessed their  mates doing something foul may get the side eye.

Way to go But if you lied in court, who is to say you wouldn’t lie in a book? [sips tea]. Superhead is standing by her claims that McCrary put hands on her, though (see below).

Photo: Instagram