Draped in a shirt that read “WHO THE Fawk IS KANYE WEST”,  a teen was removed from jury duty.

Nneka Eneroj, 19, was forced to approach the bench of the courtroom, after the rest of the jurors were ordered out of the courtroom.

Upon approaching the stand, the teen was questioned by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber on

“Do you think it’s appropriate to wear a shirt that says ‘f—‘ on it in my courtroom?” asked the judge, according to The NY Post.

Trying to protest, stating that she was wearing a sweater over it, Eneroj was quickly cut off in her argument and excused from the case.

Walking off and leaving the courtroom, she left some lasting words.

“Sounds like a personal problem.”

She added that she was expected her refund for her services, of which she had to make a $40 payment
“They’d better give me my check back.”

Here is the “controversial” shirt that the teenager wore.

Do you believe that it was serious enough to make her leave the court and be dismissed from the case?

Would such a reaction make YOU wear a shirt to get out of jury duty?

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