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The Internets were on fire Saturday (April 4) after a clip of Florida rapper Plies getting suplexed and slammed by a concertgoer while on stage the night before went viral. The man who did the deed caught a vicious fade after his brazen act and took to Instagram to tell his side on why he applied the wrestling move.

The unidentified began to state his case and to remind folks that Plies is one of his favorite rappers, still wearing the outfit from the viral clip. However, he claims that he felt disrespected by the artist and thus felt moved to do what he had to do. With his lips puffy and face bruised, the man explained that he made his way up towards the stage to shake Plies’ hand yet was blocked by security, but says Plies called him back up for the face to face conflict that ended badly.

“I f-ck with you bruh, that n-gga is one of my top five artists,” said the man. “That n-gga started talking that bullsh-t. So I dropped his ass like any real n-gga would do.”

The man goes on to say that he’s still a fan of Plies but said that he’s going to “stand up for himself” despite everything. To Plies’ credit, it appears that security was a bit lax in the nightclub although they put in serious work on the young man after Plies was still scrambling to his feet.

Hit the following pages to see the video responses from the fan courtesy of picsbymdc5.

Photo: Instagram

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