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The world doesn’t know much about PARTYNEXTDOOR because PARTYNEXTDOOR doesn’t do interviews.

The FADER has changed the thought process for 21-year-old Jahron Brathwaite and not only got him to talk but got him to expand on his recording process, ability to remain reclusive in such a public industry and of course, The Weeknd.

“I would never call myself mysterious,” he tells FADER contributing writer Felipe Delerme on the actual mystique the PARTYNEXTDOOR has inadvertently created by not doing interviews. “The word I use is ‘private. I’m not hiding from pictures. When you see me, I’ll say wassup. I just don’t wanna live in this fantasy where I act like everybody cares, and then I look like a jackass with someone filming me in the airport.”

After signing to Drake’s OVO Sound in mid 2013 and immediately garnering attention for his craft and PBR&B sensibilities, The Weeknd comparisons were inevitable but they eventually boiled to the point it was difficult to differentiate the two artists musical aims and goals.

People throw that [Weeknd comparison] over me because I came at a time where people assumed I was there to fill a void,” PND explains. “A lot of things that came out of Toronto were darker at the time. But me? I’m all about colors. I’ll flip samples where one’s a completely dark song and he next one is a complete sexual song. People think my whole thing is a dark thing, but I don’t.”

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Photos: The Fader/Geordie Wood

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