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While some rappers may buy a new car or take a vacation after their record sales, rapper Ohini Jonez and Producer Tokyo Cigar have decided to donate most of their funds to their local charities.

Proceeds of the album go to benefit Borroughs Mollette Elementary School in Brunswick, Georgia, as well as another charity in Producer Tokyo Cigar’s home state of Maryland.

Ohini Jonez had this to say about the decision of the process:

“Hip Hop needs to get back in touch with the community, if not necessarily in message, definitely in action; too much of our energies as a culture are being directed towards frivolous things that don’t have an impact on the future.”

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The album as a whole can be purchased for five dollars, or can be bought by individual tracks at seventy-five cents a piece. Although Ohini and Tokyo are not household names yet, with their unique sound and associations with Mikkey Halsted and Wu-Tang, they hope one day to share their vision with the world.

Check out the link below where you can learn more about Ohini Jonez and Tokyo Cigar and donate to something other than a rapper’s chain.

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