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Ladies and gentlemen,

Mr. Stephen Curry MVP requests a few minutes of your time.

The 27-year-old NBA star has definitely earned the right to it outside the countless highlights he amassed over the course of the current season. His MVP acceptance speech displayed the same classy demeanor he has on the court as he fought back tears thanking Jesus Christ, his wife, his parents, younger NBA bro Seth, and even the team’s head of security.

“I love playing basketball,” Curry admitted, after owning up to the nervousness of the moment. “There’s no doubt about it. It’s been something I’ve been doing since I was like…two? On Fisher-Price goals. From that beginning to be standing here in front of you today has been an incredible journey. A lot has gone into it; a lot of great people that I have met on the way have [every bit] of that trophy that I do.”

Curry’s popularity amongst the powers that be definitely reflect his popularity off the court as well. He accepted the Maurice Podoloff Trophy after receiving 100 out of 130 first-place votes and earning 1,198 points, beating out James Harden (936 points), LeBron James (552 points), and Russell Westbrook (352 points).

“This hasn’t sunk in at all, he continued. “I’m on cloud nine.”

As was much of the pop culture world connected to sports. Scroll through the gallery below to see top figures tip their hats to #30. He’s a pretty popular guy.

Photos: Twitter, NBA TV

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