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The days of Agent Zero aka Gilbert Arenas dropping a myriad of buckets on an NBA court are long gone. However, courtroom drama for the point guard is still happening—including admitting to proudly taking back a $1M engagement ring from his reality star baby mama. 

Reports TMZ:

Gilbert Arenas has told the judge … he DEFINITELY took back the $1 MILLION engagement ring he gave to his estranged wife Laura Govan in 2008 … but he sure as hell didn’t sell it behind her back.

The NBA star just filed new court docs in his legal war with Govan (the mother of his 4 kids) … admitting they’re on terrible terms ever since they broke up in 2014. 

In fact, Arenas ADMITS he kicked her ass out of their L.A. mansion following the split … and says he doesn’t think he could EVER live with her again. 

As for the ring, which Govan claimed he “forcefully” took from her and sold for cash in previous legal docs — Arenas says it’s only partly true. 

In court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Gilbert admits he took the ring and refused to give it back … but says he NEVER tried to sell it. Instead, he says it’s still in his possession. 

To quote (paraphrase) Kanye West, we ain’t saying she a gold digger…