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The Atlanta Hawks have their work cut out for them in the 2015 Eastern Conference Finals, given the way LeBron James is able to take over the game in a moment’s notice. Regardless, they’re not taking any chances with the wrath of Lil B as they’re looking to obtain their first championship in more than half a century.

If you’re oblivious to how the enigmatic rapper has a place in NBA Playoffs conversation, it stems from his recent tweets aimed at James Harden, who allegedly stole his cooking dance for his own personal celebratory achievement. After “cursing” him, Harden had a fantastic game up until the last few seconds of Game 2 in the 2015 Western Conference Finals when he fumbled the ball and failed to get a shot up. Call it irony or chance but the supposed Based God curse.

In a move that might warrant a call from commissioner Adam Silver, the Atlanta Hawks official Twitter account posted a plea to Lil B, begging him not to unleash his fury that had Harden and Kevin Durant the target of a surreal conspiracy theory.

Look at the Hawks’ ridiculous tweet down below.

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Photo: Twitter

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