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Well here’s something you see NOT NEVER. Two music legends whose fanbases largely don’t even know what a Twitter is going at it like today’s superstars.

Technically it was only one music legend going ham on social media as many focused on the impending NBA Finals. Cheryl Lynn, the R&B soul diva best known for her 1978 hit “To Be Real” discovered the songstress herself, Anita Baker had blocked her on Twitter and all 140-character hell broke loose.

“What did I ever do to you?,” an incredulous Lynn asked, naive to the fact that Baker couldn’t see it. “Oh, I get it probably cuz I will sing you down on the stage is that it?”

S-s-s-hade. And it got much worse. Lynn got extremely defensive; slandering followers who called her an one-hit wonder before hitting Baker with the ill metaphor: “Never going to be #CaughtUpInTheRapture always #GotToBeReal.” Again, Baker saw none of this but will ensure she eventually does. Yes, we’re instigating. F*ck it.

Flip through the gallery below to see all the tweets (including the deleted ones). Cheryl Lynn’s catalog is also on iTunes if you’re interested.

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