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Eniko Parrish has been Kevin Hart’s love for a while, and yet people still think she’s a gold-digger. Hart stepped in to defend his fianceé’s honor on Instagram this week after she posted a photo of them and “angry women” attacked.

By “attacked,” we mean the Instagram trolls littered Parrish with gold-digger comments. Even though the comments came from complete strangers whose negative opinions shouldn’t even penetrate the psyche, Mr. Hart is fed up:

“Message to all of the angry women that leave negative comments on her page….Your life must truly suck if someone else’s happiness bothers you.

The question that all of you negative unhappy put your page on private b*tches should all ask yourselves is while you’re wrecking your brain worrying about us…ARE WE WORRYING ABOUT YOU?????

The answer is not even a little bit. Now have a blessed negative thinking day….P.S. I love chicken nuggets…ok I’m done.”

Parrish has caught flack for dating the comedian since his marriage ended five years ago. For whatever reason, she’s still being looked at as an oppotrtunist.

No word yet on when these two will be getting married.

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