Tom Hanks’ son a.k.a. the struggle white rapper known as Chet Haze has been on an one-man crusade to freely say the n-word within the safe confines of Instagram post. It’s created a serious stir within the Hip-Hop community and unequivocally marks the biggest press of his so-called career. So it’s a given he’s going to keep riding the wave until something tragic happens.

In light of his newfound fifteen minutes of fame, Roc Nation artist Vic Mensa became the first credible rapper to actually step to Tom Hanks’ son, calling him “a f*cking clown” on one of his posts. Not only did Haze strike back with a volatile response, it would appear that these two have crossed paths before.

“I already knew u was a hater when I saw u at that house party in Beverly Hills,” Haze wrote. “U was mad salty when the girl U was with was feeling me and giving me her attention.

“U ain’t built like me lil boy. Don’t act like u don’t remember!!,” he continued. Mensa has yet to respond to these allegations as of press time.

Shortly after, it appeared Instagram shut down his account for violating the terms of service, to which Haze started a new one under the pseudonym youngricowhitechocolate (Young Rico White Chocolate).

Flip through the gallery below to see the verbal exchange between Kanye’s boy and Tom Hanks’ son, who also appears to be dating an African-American woman, as if that gives him a pass to be Black.

Photos: VLADTV/Instagram

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