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All eyes are on McKinney, Texas resident Sean Toon, a white man who called the police on a gathering of school children at a community pool for a school year-ending party. Toon, who defended his actions, and those of suspended roughhousing officer Eric Casebolt, has been getting roasted on Twitter by way of the clever #SeanToon911 hashtag (which was created by Elon James White).

Monday night (Jun. 8), the hashtag made its way to the public sphere with a number of hilarious results.  Toon, who appeared on USA Today rocking the camo-American Flag cap with sporty shades to boot, said that the video of Casebolt doesn’t tell the whole story and the cop was just doing what he had to. Apparently manhandling a teenager in a bikini is part of the McKinney police force’s mode of operations.

The uncomfortable reality of the McKinney pool party situation is that the event perhaps featured a bit more, ahem, color than expected, and Toon calling the cops on a bunch of Black teens tells a deeper tale of division and racism in the town. Also, his delusional take on Casebolt’s actions prove that, once again, Black people are a threat in numbers despite no matter law-abiding they are.

Twitter wasted no time in bringing the funny, using the hashtag to show Black people doing nothing more than existing with a mock warning fashioned to be Toon putting in his bid in being a good citizen. Yeah, we’re scratching our heads on that one too.

Check out the best tweets from the #SeanToon911 hashtag on the following pages. We’ll start you off with a good one below.

Photo: USA Today

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