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Chet Haze is asking for attention and quite possibly a lot of other things with his crusade to breakthrough as a white “rapper” possessing a pass to say the n-word. The spawn of the famous Hollywood couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson says even their warnings can’t prevent him from keeping it real.

Keeping it real stupid.

Via TMZ:

Chet Haze is not getting any blow back from his famous parents over his penchant for using the n-word, but Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have given him a strong warning which Chet has not heeded.

Haze was out in Santa Monica Monday where he made it clear … the n-word will remain part of his vocabulary.

As for the rapper’s parents, the warning is all about social media, something Chet says Tom and Rita don’t understand. Maybe Chet doesn’t understand … he has 17,000 Twitter followers and Tom has around 10 million.

Kids say the darndest things.

He went on to call his parents the “old generation.” We’re still waiting to see what part of the “new generation” allows imposters to get off perpetrating like their a product of Black and Hip-Hop culture.

Chet Haze’s voice was absent through the turmoil in Ferguson, D.C. or even musical irregularities like Iggy Azalea beating out her peers in a Hip-Hop category. Now he wants to pop off with the n-word just because the believes in his failing rap career?

Get the fuck out of here with that silver spoon shit.

Photo: TMZ