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In a recent sit-down with ESPN, Brittney Griner admits she wanted to call off the wedding after her arrest in April, but gave into outside pressure and married Johnson against her better judgment.

“Prior to us getting married, I knew I shouldn’t have done it; I knew I shouldn’t have went through with it,” Griner tearfully opened up to Kate Fagan. “And I talked to Glory about it, but, you know, sometimes you feel pressured into things, and I went along with it and I knew I shouldn’t have. It was a huge mistake. I just knew it was a mistake now. And now, I’m filing for an annulment.”

According to the Phoenix Mercury center, both she and her wife have agreed to continue with the divorce/annulment.

And the pregnancy? Griner says that while she knew about Glory’s pregnancy, she was shocked by how soon she announced it to the public. “I was definitely surprised,” she said. “It’s too early to post or say anything about it, and I was surprised.”

The last 10 months have been nothing but an emotional roller coaster for the WNBA star. Watch the full interview, below.

Photo: ESPN