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White privilege is very real, despite what a conservative blowhard like Bill O’Reilly and his cronies might tell you. Its reality has been on full display with how the mainstream media, police and politicians have been treating white male thug terrorist Dylann Roof

First off, what is white privilege? It’s when being a white person earns you benefits your non-white counterparts are not overtly or subtly privy to in society. It can be people assuming you’re not a threat because your not a large Black man or your job application not getting curved because your name isn’t too ethnic.

If you’re white, don’t worry—we’re not going to hold this phenomenon against you. We just ask that you acknowledge it and not insult the intelligence of underprivileged folk when it is blatantly at play. Case in point, Dylann Roof, a mass murdering terrorist that is nevertheless being virtually coddled by far too many people despite his despicable crime.

Roof Isn’t A Thug?

By now it should be understood that “thug” is a code word for Black. How else to explain how Roof hasn’t been called a “thug” by anyone in the mainstream media. Instead the narrative was that he must be mentally ill.

Roof Isn’t A Terrorist Either?

If a Muslim man walked into a church and killed nine people what would be the headlines? Exactly.

At least Philly got it right.


Quiet & Soft Spoken vs. Used Drugs Heavily

The Daily Beast decided to roll with Roof being “quiet & soft spoken.” In the same story, a high school friend said of Roof that he “used drugs heavily” and “he made a lot of racist jokes, but you don’t really take them seriously like that.”

He should have. He definitely was “no angel” like Mike Brown, right?

We Need You To Come With Us, Sir

Roof got caught at a traffic stop in Shelby, NC. He was armed at the time, yet he was brought in without incident and the cops were also nice enough to hand him a bulletproof vest.

Now ask yourself how many cops have killed unarmed Black men? Here’s one example, in South Carolina then Officer Michael Slager shot and killed a Black man who was running away from him.  At least he was charged with murder—shocking.

Right Wingers Saying Roof & His Actions Are Anything But Racist

Roof told people he wanted to start a race war and that his intent was to kill Black people. Yet a presidential candidate like Jeb Bush is telling anyone that will listen that what he did wasn’t racist.

Rick Perry blames it on drugs. Rick Santorum said the victims were chosen indiscriminately. These people are serious. Also, Christianity is allegedly in trouble.


Who Got The Bail Money?

Roof murdered nine people. But his bail (for the weapons charges) was set at $1M. He won’t get out because of the nine counts of murder he is facing…but seriously? Bail?!

Bobby Shmurda, who as far as we know hasn’t murdered anyone, and is a Black kid from Brooklyn, has been stuck in jail on $2M bond. Whose crime was more heinous? We’ll wait.


Woe Is Me

The judge, James Gosnell, who had the audacity to offer up even the notion of bail went out of his way to say that Roof’s family were victims. Bruh…even Don Lemon says the judge was out of pocket. Don. Lemon.

And actually, if Roof’s father is the one that got his son the gun that was used to murder nine people, that makes him more of an accomplice. No?