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A man convicted of murder appeared in an Ohio courtroom Thursday wearing a diaper on his face.

Neil Simpson who was arrested for the 2007  murder of Dave Kowalczyk, appeared in court for sentencing in the unusual attire.

Along with the diaper around his mouth, he also donned mosquito netting on his head and told a judge that he’d rather be executed than spend life in prison.

Instead Simpson says he’d prefer crucifixion or stoning as punishment for his crime.

“I have two ways that I prefer to be murdered, one is to be crucified in front of the courthouse for all to see it, for all the convicts throughout the world, and the other way would be to be stoned to death by the victim’s family, to be make them feel better.”

Before being found guilty of murder Simpson spat on jurors and cursed at them in the court room.

The diaper, which was later described as a “spit mask” was ordered to be placed on Simpson because of the incident.

Jurors declined on giving him the death penalty and opted for life in prison, accepting the defense’s claim that was raised in a hostile environment.