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Rapper and prolific Twitter user Plies was accused of holding a couple of white boys hostage according to a 911 call. Calm down folks, it was just a rap video. 

Reports TMZ:

Cops were called to the St. Cloud home of Mike Busey (Gary’s nephew, aka the white guy) after a passerby saw what he thought was a hostage situation. Someone called 911, saying 2 black males with assault rifles were holding a white male hostage.

Deputies rolled up with sirens blazing, then discovered the guns were unloaded and the only thing the guys were shooting was a music video.

The scene had Plies picking up guns from Haitian gangsters with assault rifles.

Check out  the video …  the crew gets a stern talkin’-to by the cops.

Well at least it wasn’t SWAT and no one got “accidentally” shot.

Photo: TMZ