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Significant history was made on this day of July 10, 2015. After years of clamoring for its removal, the evil actions of Dylann Roof prompted South Carolina to remove its Confederate flag from the state capitol. “It’s a great day in South Carolina,” the state’s Republican Governor Nikki Haley said in an interview on NBC’s TODAY. President Obama shared her sentiment tweeting, “South Carolina taking down the confederate flag – a signal of good will and healing, and a meaningful step towards a better future.”

Of course there were those who disagreed, because quite frankly, people–largely in the South–have thrived for generations in accepted racism. It’s worth noting that the historic take down of the rebel flag won’t instantly cure intolerance but it’s a step in the right direction by removing a symbol of hate for cowards to cloak themselves behind.

Regardless, take a look at some of the most outrageous reactions from various Confederate flag lovers. Some of these people could be your neighbor. Would they say any of this to your face?

Photo: Reuters screenshot

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