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The notion that Action Bronson sounds like Ghostface Killah is a well-worn topic–within Hip-Hop communities. That being said, as the Flushing, Queens MC continues to increase his celebrity, that doesn’t mean that the folks who don’t know him won’t bring up the comparison.

Bronsolino was recently a guest on ESPN’s SportsNation when Marcellus Wiley posed the question, “Has it helped you or hurt you career [when people say] you sound like Ghostface?”

Having been asked the question a thousand and one times, Mr. Wonderful himself went into his answer rather passively saying, “I think it’s indifferent to me at this point. People are going to make comparisons regardless…and I’m just glad it’s one of the greats.”

But after Max Kellerman expressed he was the biggest GFK fan around, Bronson asserted himself as the alpha male by saying “[Ghostface] isn’t rapping like this no more.”

Well damn. Shots fired…or nah?

Just yesterday, July 10, the Wu-Tang Clan legend released Twelve Reasons to Die II–his third album in three years–on top of a group album that dropped last Decemeber. However, to say he’s getting the same amount of fanfare he did in his younger days would be nostalgic gas at best. Still, Hip-Hop is all about paying homage in public and being blunt in private and Bronson admittingly says the moment was not his “finest hour.”

Watch Action Bronson’s SportsNation interview below and flip through the gallery to see his clarity on the matter.

Photo: Instagram/Action Bronso

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