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The 2015 ESPYs will be one to remember for years, mainly because Caitlyn Jenner stole the show by taking home the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Not everyone agrees with the athlete formerly known as Bruce Jenner’s newfound social role for fame and D.L. Hughley is one of them. The comedian turned political pundit shared his thoughts with TMZ on the situation and they were as candid as they come.

D.L. Hughley thinks it’s absurd the legacy of Arthur Ashe lives on in Caitlyn Jenner, who simply “put on a dress.”

Hughley was in NYC Thursday and was as clear as he could be … it’s a travesty that the ESPYs passed over Lauren Hill (the college basketball player who passed away this year from cancer) in favor of Caitlyn.

The comedian didn’t stop there, trashing the way Jenner looks, comparing her to a Robin Williams character.

And D.L.’s incredulous that members of the media dare to describe Serena Williams as man-like when, as he puts it, Caitlyn looks like a P.E. teacher.

“In a Mrs. Doubtfire type of way.” Bruh…

Watch Hughley give his two cent on the Caitlyn Jenner ESPYs award below.

Photo: TMZ