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The announcement of Kendrick Lamar‘s gang-unifying Reebok Ventilator sneakers was met with a little curiosity over its red and blue colorways in representing the Blood and Crip gangs. Two gang members from the Bloods and Crips respectively sat down with Top Dawg Entertainment and discussed Lamar’s aim with the shoes.

Blood/Piru gang member G Weed and Crip member Jigga appeared together in a video interview spliced with images of their culture and backed with some of Lamar’s tunes, including “King Kunta” and “Alright.”

Both G Weed and Jigga spoke from similar places, remarking on how Lamar’s message of unity goes far beyond settling down the violence in his beloved city of Compton.

“The message behind the new Kendrick Lamar shoe is uniting red and blue, where we all can exist and respect each other and love one another,” said G Weed.

“The message is about a whole lot of peace and unity.Kendrick is just really giving us a reason and giving us an understanding of why we should have unity, or why we should really wanna do this,” added Jigga.

Check out the clip of Piru member G Weed and Crip member Jigga discussing Kendrick Lamar’s Reebok Ventilators in the clip below.

Photo: YouTube