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No charges will be filed against Michael Vick following a shooting at his recent birthday party.

Police say they know who shot a man at a club celebration for Vick’s 30th birthday but have yet to file charges because the man injured in the shooting will not cooperate.

As previously reported Vick’s attorney says Quanis Phillips, one of his co-defendants in the infamous dog fighting trial that agreed to testify against him, was struck while leaving Guadalajara night club in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Suspicion swirled around Vick’s name after reports surfaced that the man was not invited to the celebration and showed up unexpectedly.

Police released a statement Tuesday saying that witnesses were being uncooperative in the investigation of the June 25th shooting and said because the shooter will not be charged, his identity will not be released.

Surveillance footage shows Vick leaving the party four minutes before the shooting, clearing his name.