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No perfectly sane individual should have ever expected Bill O’Reilly to hope on board with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. However, the easily agitated FOX News anchor’s dismissal of the cause reflects heavy on his and the networks refusal to acknowledge a gray area, even when it comes to hair color.

During a recent broadcast, the 65-year-old right-winger offered up hateful slander towards everything #BlackLivesMatter has fought to accomplish thus far. He even went the extra mile to take shots at Jay Z, Beyoncé and Dream Hampton simply to insert bigger names into the report.

“I don’t know whether this crew, Black Lives Matter, have any constituency other than the radical left, the real fringe nuts that run around the country saying crazy things,” O’Reilly tells Washington Times reporter Kelly Riddell, who also generalized the movement’s creators Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi solely working to “rile up” cities and causing panic.

It should be noted that nowhere in their conversation did the police brutality without any culpability that led to the deaths of Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and most recently, Samuel Dubose have anything to do with the movement’s creation. Instead, the focus shifting on the Carter’s monetary contributions.

“Do you think [Jay Z and Beyoncé] know that they are giving money to an anarchistic group like this that wants to tear down the country and is talking about genocide, and really, really extreme things,” O’Reilly asks. “You think they have any idea what they’re doing?”

Of course they do. They are helping raise awareness for an occurrence that is plaguing communities for far too long.

Bill O’Reilly is a schmuck, and always has been one, yet the more scarier aspect is he preaches to a choir who actively believes his nonsense. Sort of like…trigger-happy police officers who fail to follow proper protocol because their hearts aren’t in the right place.

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