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Members of the Black Lives Matter movement and Hillary Clinton confronted one another during a meeting in New Hampshire last week according to recently leaked video from the exchange. The BLM members challenged the Democratic presidential hopeful with their positions, while Clinton held court with them in dialogue.

The video features organizer Julius Jones challenging Clinton on her positions regarding violence against Black people and the notion that whites who wield power in America are the main culprits. It was an intense moment that couldn’t effectively be captured by a mere translation of the discussion but rather seen.

Below are two videos, which were gathered and reported exclusively by GOOD magazine’s website.  As GOOD notes, Clinton didn’t back down or get shuffled away by her campaign team. Instead, she stood her ground but did seem to come off defensive at points and not completely understanding of the BLM’s concerns.

According to Raw Story, the video took place on Aug. 11 after BLM Boston members were blocked from entering an event and were instead taken to an “overflow room” to hold the impromptu meeting.

This was backed up by a MSNBC report featuring the video before the BLM made the clip private on their YouTube account. Guest host Melissa Harris- Perry interviewed Jones and his organizing partner, Daunasia Yancey. Yancey said that Clinton’s response regarding mass incarceration was lacking at best.

Watch the first portion of Hillary Clinton’s exchange with the Black Lives Matter Boston Chapter members in the clip below. Hit the jump to see part two.

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