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Tyga doesn’t come off as the classiest guy, so this shouldn’t be surprise. Apparently the sort of the Young Money artist raps about boning his now perfectly legal girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, in a song off a new mixtape you probably weren’t aware of. 

The good folks at The Smoking Section have the intel:

On early Monday, Tyga released a new mixtape that no one really paid attention to titled F*k Wat They Talkin Bout. Yes, you care now though since a friend who shall remain nameless due to their bad taste is music pointed out that Tyga may have alluded to his rumored bae Kylie Jenner in the most predatory manner possible, as if he hadn’t said enough creepy stuff about possibly dating a juvenile Jenner a while back.

The song in question is titled “Stimulated” because what the hell else could it be called to make it even more sleazy. Here are the highlighted lyrics:

“They say she young,

I shoulda waited,

She a big girl, dawg

When she stimulated…

She a big girl dawg,

I’m puttin’ in,

Yeah I’m penetrating

Also, the song’s refrain is “She a big girl, dog.” This guy…

Listen to “Stimulated” below. When Jenner inevitably cuts Tyga off, it’s only going to get uglier for him.