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Chris Bosh’s first baby mama, Allison Mathis, was never privy to the same Hollywood life treatment the two-time NBA champion’s current wife, and when she thought she was finally able to get what she felt was owed to her by having a role on VH1’s Basketball Wives, her dreams were blocked like one of his many career swats.

Now she is request a couple million dollars to ease her pain.

Reports Bossip:

Chris Bosh’s baby mama has had enough of him harassing her and attempting to maliciously bring her down … and she has headed back to court demanding the NBA star be on the hook for up to 2 million dollars extra in her legal battle with him over allegations he got her fired from Basketball Wives.

Bosh and his baby mama Allison Mathis have been fighting for years in court over their daughter Trinity. The case had gotten so nasty that a Florida judge ripped them apart in court telling them to stop acting like children and to focus on what is important … their daughter. The two finally reached a settlement agreement in the custody/support battle last year. However, the two are still battling each other in a civil lawsuit. We combed through over 150 pages of legal documents for the details on this one!

Back in 2011 .. Chris filed a lawsuit against his baby mama along with Basketball Wives production company Shed Media claiming that producers and Allison – who was set to appear on the 3rd season of the show – were going to infringe on his trademark and publicity rights. He demanded the show not be allowed to utter his name and his baby mama not be allowed to film the show.

According to court documents… Allison explains that during the course of the lawsuit is has been proven that Chris intentionally and maliciously interfered with her deal for Basketball Wives and she is now demanding he be on the hook for punitive damages as well.

She says that Chris has pursued a calculated pattern of conduct over the years to harass and financially oppress her … and it began even before their daughter was born!

So many years, so much struggle. No where in the report does it say Mathis attempted to pursue any other areas of career exploration outside of her Basketball Wives spot so this case may be a bit frivilous. Further more, if he never claimed her, what constitutues her to have the title of a WAG in the first place?

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