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Michigan police are investigating a possible arson in a neighborhood where Black residents received threatening racist letters earlier in the week.

According to published reports, on Thursday July 8, the home located in the 15100 block of Sprenger in Eastpointe, Michigan was set ablaze after Black families in the same neighborhood received letters warning the residents to move “back across 8 Mile” and listed addresses along with a threat to kill Blacks “one by one,” because the writer or writers were “tired” of Blacks moving into the neighborhood.

Police are currently investigating the home for clues to aid in the discovery of the possible arson or arsons.

In a search warrant posted on the front door of the home, authorities state that they are searching for evidence “in relation to a home invasion, arson, or used to write hate mail.”

The warrant also mentions that any fingerprints, evidence that might contain DNA, fire accelerants, handwriting samples, paper or envelopes that might be related to the fire. Police have also offered a $5,000 reward to information about the fire.

Although suspicious, the late night fire caused minor damage to the home and resulted in no injuries.

Residents in the neighborhood state that the arson attack is shocking. According to one resident, the neighborhood, which is very diverse, has decided to set up a watch group to protect Eastpointe residents.

“I’m actually very surprised about it,” Eastpointe resident Rosie Stokes said. “It’s a very quiet neighborhood. That’s one of the reasons I moved over here. Eastpointe is very diverse.”