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The Black Lives Matter movement has garnered the attention of supporters and detractors alike while it continues to be one of the leading voices combating instances of police brutality. However, Elisabeth Hasselbeck attempted to frame the BLM as a hate group during a Fox News broadcast on Monday.

As reported by the awesome folks at Jezebel, Hasselbeck’s ham-handed thought aired during a showing of the Fox & Friends show. The host wondered aloud why Black Lives Matter isn’t seen as a hate group, egged on by Black Fox News regular Kevin Jackson‘s foolish suggestion that Black people are being targeted and shot by police due to a lack of family structure.

Hasselbeck leapt right in with a following question that unfairly pegged BLM for something it’s never been reported as by any other major news outlet.

From Jezebel:

“Kevin, why has the black lives movement—the black lives matter movement—not been classified yet as a hate group? I mean how much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?”

Hasselbeck’s jab at BLM has been part of a recent swell of similar quips from Fox News hosts and guests. Amazingly enough, the network has managed to carve out a talent for rolling out Black guests to chime in with their negative thoughts about the movement.

Watch Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Black Lives Matter movement comment in the clip below.

UPDATE: Read Hasslebeck’s reaction on the flip.

Photo: YouTube

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