A feud with a reporter turns sensual and Chen Bao wants Cassie on his own personal version of The Bachelor: China on this episode of Survivor’s Remorse.

Hot and Bothered

Survivor's Remorse Season 2

Cam has been giving new beat reporter Isa Catalano the cold shoulder after games and Reggie sets up a meeting between them so that they can clear the air. Reggie lets Cam know that throwing shade towards one reporter looks bad and they need to settle their differences. Isa, an older woman and Cam meet to discuss their differences. Isa thinks Cam is just a chauvinistic ball player with antiquated views on women in sports. Cam tells her that the true reason he doesn’t speak to her after games is because she turns him on. Isa angrily shouts back at his caveman like commentary, until a quick game of show-and-tell proves that it’s “hard” for Cam to keep Isa out of her mind. Isa reveals that she feels the same way, and a reciprocal peek-a-boo moment shows that biological urges are hard to ignore. Isa has a job to do, and Cam doesn’t want to be flustered around her, so the best solution according to Isa is for them to have a secual exorcism to get back to work. They find a discreet location and let nature take it’s course, but they soon discover that like Pringles, one is just not enough! They continue their secret tryst, while Uncle Julius surveilled them and took gratuitous camera photos. He reports to Reggie and tells him that sex was different than your normal “hump and run”. Reggie confronts Cam and Cam assures him that he has it covered.

Chen’s Love Jones

Chen Reggie

Cam and the family attend the US release of Cam’s new sneaker “The Dagger”. They discuss why such a violent name is attached to a sneaker, when Chen explains that we all have an inner barbarian inside of us and we look to release those urges through competition. The only bloodsport that Chen has on his mind is fighting for Cassie’s love. Reggie tells Chen that Cassie is involved already, and Chen sees that as a minor inconvenience. Chen more or less admits to sliding in Cassie’s iMessage looking for love. He meets Cassie and her new boo Blair and is still unwavering in his desire. He takes Cassie on a tour of the location and asks for a date. Cassie claims Blair is her new man, but Chen wonders why she didn’t introduce Blair as such. Chen wants a shot at love with Cassie and will do anything or pay any price to get there.

Don’t Sh*t Where You Eat

Survivor's Remorse Season 2

Reggie tries to explain to Cassie that dealing with Chen is a bad idea. If their relationship were to go sour, what negative impact would that have on Cam and his business dealings? Cassie flirts with the idea of dating Chen, but isn’t sure. What she will do is keep her options open. Chen meets her later on with a private helicopter chartered for the airport and an eventual dinner in Paris. Cassie says that she’s seen Taken and isn’t with the impromptu trans-Atlantic trips. She explains her concerns over “defecating where you have dinner”, and Chen retors with a lovely opus that would make Drake shed tears of joy. Cassie is willing to give him a shot, but wants to have a date without the excess fluff. If Chen is real, they can go to any regular joint and his true nature will shine through. They attempt to dine at a local establishment, but between the waitress with Whooping Cough and the trash environment, Cassie and Chen decide that Paris isn’t a bad option afterall!

Happy Perfect Vag

Reggie Cam WebMD

While running with Reggie, Cam gets a “we need to talk” call from Isa. Reggie freaks out and thinks that Isa is pregnant. He runs down the list of threats that occur when having a baby with an older woman. Cam is ready tot ake the responsibility. During their meeting Isa reveals that she’s 1) 47, not 41 (per the Wikipedia that she wrote) and 2) she’s not pregnant, but she does have HPV. Cam is unaware of the disease or the threats associated with it, and Isa informs him that 80% of the population have it in some form or another. Reggie goes on a WebMD-esque site to research HPV and of course it seems like Cam is dying. Reggie runs down the symptoms and treatments for HPV, and Cam just wants Reggie to handle the situation, which is pretty difficult since Reggie is neither a doctor nor a Shaman that can cure ailments in man.

Tons of laughs and excitement this episode. The previews say to look out for another injury to Cam and more adventures of Reggie and Jupiter. See ya next week!

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