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The struggle rapping son of Tom Hank went to rehab, and now he’s sorry for using the n-word. Chet Haze received treatment for a cocaine addiction that was clogging up his nostrils and overall good judgement.

Haze admitted to selling and using cocaine (crack too). The n-word controversy came during a rocky period for this guy, who attributes his addiction to the pressures of being the son of a Hollywood movie star.

The unwillingness to let go of the n-word was basically an example of Haze’s downward spiral. “That stuff I was in the media about about the n-word, the truth is it’s not my place to speak on that and I’m genuinely sorry to the people I offended,” he said.

Now that he’s out of rehab, Haze has been posting lots of  Instagram testimonials thanking people for their support, encouraging sobriety, and other stuff.

Hit the flip for his apology video.

Photo: Instagram

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