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Oregon State Police reports that around 7 to 10 were shot dead and 20 others wounded at Umpqua Community College. Although details are scant at the moment, the shooter is reportedly down.

Mediate has gathered much of the most current details via Twitter accounts and reports from the ground via several news outlets. As media scrambles for details, here’s what we know thus far.

Police officials confirmed around 2:42 p.m. ET that between seven and 10 people are dead with 20 or so wounded. A more accurate number has not been provided as an investigation is still underway.

A student took to her Twitter account over one hour ago and tweeted the happenings as they occurred. In her most recent tweet, the student said that she and other students at the college were being bused off campus.

Umpqua Community College is located in the town of Roseburg, Ore., located in the southwestern region of the state. The shooter was taken down, although the identity of the perpetrator has not been revealed.

As this story continues to develop, we will update with the latest details. On the following pages, we’ve captured the tweets of the student. has a running update of the happenings from reporters on the ground along with hosting a live feed from The Washington Post.

UPDATE: MSBNC is reporting that Oregon’s state attorney has announced that 13 people are dead.

Watch NBC News’ live coverage below.

Photo: NBC News

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