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Matt Barnes driving 95 miles to bless with Derek Fisher with a proper fade for having the nerve to get with his ex-wife is the gift that keeps on giving. More details are being revealed and a witness claims Barnes punched his old teammate in the mouth. 

According to TMZ, a witness at the home says Barnes read Fisher the riot act upon his arrival, relaying that he felt betrayed that a friend would date his ex-wife, Gloria Govan.

Fisher didn’t back down, and Barnes swung on him, with the witness saying he got caught in the mouth. The two got to fighting, with Fisher reportedly handling his business before people jumping in to break them up.

However, a blatant sucker move is the New York Post‘s claim that Barnes also spit in Govan’s face. Yeah, that restraining order is surely forthcoming.

Barnes spoke to the media today and maintained that it was a personal matter and said he would not provide details since an investigation is ongoing. He did says that he and Fisher “were good friends, at one point.”

Not anymore.

Derek Fisher is also sticking to the script, telling ESPN, “Personal and private matters are personal and private. We’re obviously public figures, but we’re at work. So I won’t be commenting on anything that’s happened personally or privately for me.”

Allegedly, it was Matt’s kids who told him Derek Fisher was at their home (Barnes and Govan are not yet divorced…so it’s technically his crib). Bruh…

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