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John Henson, a power forward with the NBA‘s Milwaukee Bucks, just got a rude awakening that racism is alive and well in America even for a millionaire athlete. Henson was hit with a case of “Shopping While Black” after a Wisconsin jewelry store banned him from entering and calling the cops as if he were the boogeyman himself.

Henson, a former University of North Carolina standout, just recently signed a four-year, $45 million dollar extension with the Bucks. The 24-year-old North Carolina native posted a photo to his Instagram page revealing his run-in with the Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers in Whitefish Bay, Wisc. We’ll just let that hang in the air there.

Henson says as he tried to enter the jewelry shop, the staff locked the doors and shooed the 6-foot-11 player away. Shortly after, the cops came to investigate the so-called issue and did some manner of investigation although Henson clearly wasn’t committing any crime other than trying to spend some of that cold, hard cash he just obtained.

More from Henson’s Instagram page:

Went to @schwankekasten jewelry today in White-Fish Bay during regular business hours . They locked the door and told me to go away. After I rang the doorbell twice everyone went to the back. No answered the door or told me what was going on. This was followed by two police cars pulling up and parking across the street and watching me for 5 minutes ( I assumed they were called by the store ).

I was then approached by 2 officers and questioned about the dealer vehicle I was in which is apart of my endorsement deal with Kunes country Chevrolet and asked me what I wanted amongst other things that were just irrelevant to me being there just trying to shop at the store like a normal paying customer would do.

I told them I was just trying to look at a watch. He then had to go in the back and tell them to come out it was safe but this is after they ran my plates and I overheard them talking about doing more of a background check on the car. The employees finally came out of the back and proceeded to conduct business like they previously were as we walked up . This was one of the most degrading and racially prejudice[d] things I’ve ever experienced in life and wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

Henson ended his statement by saying he is aiming to call out Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers for its seemingly discriminatory stances and the like. A quick scan of the jewelers’ Instagram page kind of proves Henson’s point because many of the photos features individuals of an, ahem, lighter hue doing typical bro-dude things like point big thumbs up and showing off their fancy watches.

Too bad Schwanke-Kasten took that stance. They could have enhanced their brand with clean-cut Henson who was once profiled in a newspaper for being the kind of guy that honors every Facebook friend request  and cheers on his little sister at her basketball games. Certainly not the big, Black menace the store and Whitefish Bay cops made him out to be.